The ASPIRE Change Management Framework

An agile, adaptive and supportive framework to guide your change project.

Change management can't be codified into a rigid set of rules and procedures. 

Change is inevitable and the ability of organisations to adapt and evolve in an environment full of intense levels of change and uncertainty determines their sustainability and success for the future.  Engaging a skilled and experience Change Management professional ensures a better experience and outcomes for your organisation and employees.

The ASPIRE Change Management Framework - adaptive, agile and supportive to suit any project.


ASPIRE Change Management has developed a robust and responsive framework to guide all change management processes. The 3 part ASPIRE framework has a proven track record of increasing your business adoption and benefits by improving levels of competence in the human side of business transformations.  It helps ensure that change is always implemented carefully, sensitively and collaboratively, yielding lasting benefits for the whole organisation and its future sustainability.

The framework includes:

1. Scope of Change & Readiness Assessment

Your starting point – these tools enable you to assess the size and complexity of your change initiative.

​The outcome sizes your imitative against the tools and best fit process to maximum your return on investment. Only get what you need!

2. ASPIRE Methodology

Sized from your assessment as either Incremental, Moderate or Transformation change, the ASPIRE methodology provides ‘out of the box’ tool-kit with templates and how-to’s.

​ASPIRE adapts to PMBOK, AGILE and all types of hybrid project or deployment processes. See more about the ASPIRE Methodology below.

3. ASPIRE Tool-kit & Training

Tool-kits are tailored with optional extra’s to customise your change approach.Each tool-kit contains:
1.  Training program options – in-house, F2F or virtual
2. Train the trainer program for your organisation
3. Adaptable templates

ASPIRE Methodology

Thinking about initiating change in your organisation?

ASPIRE can be scaled up to accommodate full Program and Portfolio Management and scaled down to adjust to the quicker requirements of rapid agile and smaller iterations. Whatever your situation or objectives, Bev and the ASPIRE Change Management team can help you reach a positive and sustainable outcome for both your organisation and staff. 


Interested in Change Management Training?

Check out our training calendar for upcoming Introduction to Change Management Standards,  APMG, Rapid Agile, and ASPIRE specific training sessions.