ASPIRE Change Fundamentals 



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About the course

A practical, interactive, three-day learning experience where participants gain the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives. Participants learn how to apply ASPIRE’s Change Management methodology to any project or business change, applying our proven approach to your scenario (or ours!) engage with other interested participants, and carry your learning forward to improve a smooth business transition and increased organisational results.

What's covered:

  1. Develop a working knowledge of the ASPIRE Change Methodology
  2. Assess current readiness, organisational strengths and potential risks that will impact the success of your change
  3. Prepare readiness criteria aligned to operational readiness and project benefits
  1.  Understand the elements required to develop a relevant change strategy aligned to business outcomes
  2. Develop a basic plan aligned to project and business expectations that make sure desired business outcomes are satisfied
  3.  Learn how to identify, prepare and respond effectively to unplanned changes.
  4. Tools and templates to start you on your Change Management journey
  5.   Experience at applying your new tools in a safe learning environment


Who is this for? 

The ASPIRE Change Fundamentals Program is designed for emerging Change Management Practitioners, Project Managers, Business Leaders, Analysts and everyone with an interest in improving business outcomes and individual performance organisations.



What to expect: 

  • Pre-course tasks and reading to stimulate thinking on emotional intelligence
  • ASPIRE CM learning guide
  • How to guides and videos
  • Additional resources to allow you to apply learning directly to your workplace.






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