The 3 areas of development that all Change Managers should focus on

change management professional development training Sep 02, 2022
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Typically, people enter the Change Management profession because they have been involved in a change that’s either been conducted poorly or they enjoyed the experience so much, they want to learn how to do it themselves (and of course, better next time!)

Within the ASPIRE Change Management Competency Matrix, we have identified 3 key focus areas to get you started.  As your experience expands, so do these capabilities – enabling you to either specialise within particular change fields (ie. Agile, Organisational CM) or across larger and more complex change programs.

But lets get started with the core 3 focus areas of: Behaviours, Technical Skills and Future Proofing capabilities:




Technical Skills


Future Proof Career

What behaviours make you successful today?


What technical skills do you have?


How do you ensure that you are marketable in the future?






Professional Skills (Problem Solving, Communications, Collaboration, Resilience etc)


Change Theories, Methodologies & Processes


Professional Skills (Technology fluency, data analytics, innovation etc)

Facilitation, Learning & Training


Analysis & Assessment


Thought Leadership

Change Leadership (Leading others, coaching, influencing)


Stakeholder Management


People Management (People Mgmt, High Performance Teams, Leading through Ambiguity)

* This is a sample list and does not reflect the full ASPIRE Competency Matrix


Where to start?

Firstly, take a stock of where you are today.  What skills and experience do you have, opportunities through your current employer, study or volunteer work.


How to navigate your career

Start with simple tools that allow you to assess where you are now i.e. what skills, behaviours and experience you have to date, and then outline your objective of where you want to go.

At ASPIRE we will help you define your current skills sets and then show you how to develop through the different levels.  Come to our Career Journey workshop, this 3 hour workshop will help you assess where you are today and what skills you need to develop to progress through your career – see our website for more details.

Through our Change Management Academy we run training, workshops, seminars and networking sessions and are focused on building the Change skills set in Perth. For more information, visit our website: