How to Become a Change Manager in 2024 - Episode 224 Level Up Your Career

change management Feb 22, 2024
How to Become a Change Manager

APMG International presents its popular weekly panel Q&A show. This episode is about how to become a Change Manager in 2024. 

This is an opportunity to get your real-life questions answered so join us!


Host: Nick Houlton, APMG International

Question Master: Suchitra Jacob,

APMG International Panelists:

Malini Jayaganesh, Strategic Advisor & Coach - ITSM Hub; Director Emeritus - Business Relationship Management Institute

Bev Andrews, Director, ASPIRE Change Management

Melissa Subban, People Strategist at HappyFactory

Akosua Acheampong, Business Change Manager for UK Government Agency

Ron Leeman, Trainer, Trusted Advisor and your Chauffeur on The Highway of Change

00:00:00 - Introduction

00:02:05 - Meet the Panelists

00:06:22 - There's lots of Change Manager roles out there, and lots of Change Managers! What specific skills would help you stand out from the crowd?

00:16:00 - Would the panel recommend that Project Managers get Change Management training even though they have different delivery mindsets?

00:24:25 - Change Management seems to learn a great deal from Neuroscience. What can we learn from other scientific disciplines to become effective change managers?

00:34:35 - The million dollar question is how to transition from a communications role to a Change management role. Is having a certification enough?

00:40:45 - What tools are the panel using to identify resisting forces in the change management? 00:47:25 - Are there are any associations I can join to help me network with other Change managers?

00:51:50 - Does the panel think you need to be emotionally intelligent to be a great change manager?

00:54:50 - Closing thoughts

01:00:50 - The Next APMG Level Up Show