How to Become a Change Leader - Episode 198 Level Up Your Career

change management profressional development Oct 31, 2023
Bev Andrews panelist interview APMG International

This episode is about How to Become a Change Leader. An opportunity to have your real-life questions answered.



Host: Shanice Mitchell-Cox, APMG International Question Master: Adriana Santana, APMG International


Jessica Crow, Founder and Principal Consultant at Apogy

Nataliya Khylenko, Digital Transformational Leader

Bev Andrews, Director, ASPIRE Change Management

Robert Snyder, Founder & President at Innovation Elegance, LLC.

Laurie Bowman, Project Portfolio Planning and Control, Synchrony Projects

Mart Rovers, Leadership, Coach, Consultant, Trainer and President at INTERPROM


Episode Highlights

00:00:00 - Introduction

00:02:10 - Meet the Panelists

00:06:55 - How to distinguish a change leader from other leadership roles?

 00:12:20 - How do I transform my competency as a Change Leader?

00:19:33 - How does organisational culture impact the ability of a leader to drive and implement change?

00:27:00 - How can a change leader measure the success of a change initiative?

00:34:19 - Who exactly is a change leader, and why is this role important in organisations?

 00:37:30 - What qualifications are essential to being an effective Change Leader or Agent?

00:46:50 - I presume in large companies (or companies that recognise the value) this can be a specific role; have you all worked as dedicated change managers/leaders?

00:55:40 - Closing thoughts

01:02:20 - The Next APMG Level Up Show

Episode Transcript: