How to Become an Authentic Leader in 2024 (Part 1) - Episode 225 Level Up Your Career

Feb 28, 2024

APMG International presents its popular weekly panel Q&A show. This episode is about how to become an authentic leader in 2024.

This is an opportunity to get your real-life questions answered so join us!


Host: Nick Houlton, APMG International

Question Master: Suchitra Jacob, APMG International

Panelists: Malini Jayaganesh, Strategic Advisor & Coach - ITSM Hub; Director Emeritus - Business Relationship Management Institute

Bev Andrews, Director, ASPIRE Change Management

Lela Machaidze, International Consultant Tomasz Manugiewicz, General Manager of Grand Parade Poland.

Mart Rovers, Leadership, Coach, Consultant, Trainer and President at INTERPROM

00:00:00 - Introduction

00:01:50 - Meet the Panelists

00:05:54 - How would the panel describe an authentic leader?

00:13:35 - Much is talked about servant and authentic leadership. How would you compare and contrast the two?

00:20:55 - Can you discuss the importance of vulnerability in authentic leadership, and how can leaders balance vulnerability with maintaining authority?

00:29:54 - As an authentic leader, what are your non-negotiables in the business or relationships? 00:37:15 - What are some strategies for junior leaders to manage their relationship with more senior leaders? i.e. managing up

00:46:30 - In an era of increasing automation, should leaders be embracing Artificial Intelligence or be frightened of it?

 00:56:30 - Closing thoughts

01:00:10 - The Next APMG Level Up Show