Why Certifications Matter When Building Your Career? Episode 172 – Level Up your Career

career change makers professional development Jul 28, 2023
Bev Andrews panelist interview APMG International

APMG International presents  Episode 172 - Level Up Your Career.

This episode is about why certifications matter when building your career. An opportunity to have your real-life questions answered.

Host: Nick Houlton, APMG International

Question Master: Suchitra Jacob

APMG International Panelists:

Bev Andrews, Director, ASPIRE Change Management

Sheila Roberts, Chief Progress Officer for Resilience Professionals Ltd

Johann Botha, Digital Change Provocateur and CEO, getITright

Jon Woad, Business Case and Strategy Consultant, Baringa Partners LLP

Adrian Dooley, Lead Author of the Praxis Framework

 00:00:00 - Introduction

00:02:40 - Meet the Panelists

00:08:10 - Where do certifications fit within lifelong learning?

 00:15:30 - How do industry-standard certifications compare with company-specific certifications, and which do employers value more?

 00:21:40 - What factors should be considered when selecting a certification, and how might the emergence of AI and related technologies impact the certification process?

 00:33:55 - How do certifications compare to degrees when it comes to job prospects and career growth?

00:47:06 - How can graduates in developing countries access basic certifications (In APMG) to advance their careers despite rising certification costs?

 00:53:10 - Closing thoughts

01:00:40 - The Next APMG Level Up Show