Women as Change Makers: How Women are Changing the Face of Leadership

change makers change management the future of work women in change May 24, 2023
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For decades, our leadership styles followed the Rules of Conduct: Command-and-Control style of managing others, a style generally associated with men in large, within traditional organizations. 

As our social fabric became more diverse, women started to make their way into top management, not by adopting the style and habits that have proved successful for men but by drawing on the skills and attitudes they developed from their shared experiences as women.  

 These second-generation managerial women are drawing on what is unique to their socialization as women and creating a different path to the top. They were seeking and finding opportunities in fast-changing and growing organizations to show that they can achieve results—in a different way. They are succeeding because of—not in spite of—certain characteristics generally considered to be “feminine” and inappropriate in leaders.  They started to break the glass ceiling! 

Today, more and more women are breaking through the glass ceiling (the invisible barrier that prevents the opportunity to reach the highest levels of leadership and achievement) by changing the face of leadership.  

Women are proving time and time again that they have what it takes to be successful leaders.  The secret formula is the four elements of Interactive Leadership* 

  1. Participation 

    Creation of  group identity through inclusion: encouraging others to have a say in almost every aspect of work, from setting performance goals to determining strategy. They create mechanisms that get people to participate and they use a conversational style that sends signals inviting people to get involved. 

    Seeking discretionary effort, encourage engagement, and where all opinions are valued. 

  2.  People’s sense of self-worth 

    Making other people feel important, giving others credit and praise and sending small signals of recognition. They refrain from asserting their own superiority, which asserts the inferiority of others 

  3. Share power and information 

    Soliciting input from other people encourages a flow of information from employees to the “boss.” But part of making people feel included is knowing that open communication flows in two directions. Willingly sharing power and information instead of guarding, makes reasoning behind decisions more transparent, feeling comfortable letting power and information change hands. 

  4. Energize Followers 

    Enthusiasm for work and how they spread their enthusiasm around to make work a challenge that is exhilarating and fun.  Preserve credibility by achieving results that could be measured easily and avoid being seen as a cheer-leader!  These leaders role model energy and interest 

    What role, does Aspire Change Management offer for Women as Change Makers?  Our Aspire Me – Mentoring program enables you to engage with your tailored mentor who assists you to identify and strengthen your leadership style.   

    Together, we support you define your goals, we provide tools that accelerate your learning and our experience builds your confidence to act, reflect and learn.   

    In conclusion, women are breaking the glass ceiling and changing the face of leadership. They are bringing new perspectives, leadership styles, and approaches to the table, challenging traditional ways of doing things and advocating for a more inclusive and diverse workplace. By breaking down barriers and paving the way for other women, they are helping to create a more equitable and successful future for all.   All women are Change Makers! 



*Extracted from IWF Survey of Men and Women Leaders